H2R Time Trial Series
H2R Time Trial Series H2R Time Trial Series H2R Time Trial Series H2R Time Trial Series H2R Time Trial Series H2R Time Trial Series

Designed for Maximum Fun and Motorsports Mastery

Harris Hill Raceway will host a six event time trial series between February and December.

The idea is to have fun and give people an opportunity to work on their driving skills during the course of the year.

The scheduled dates are:

  • Saturday February 23rd (results)
  • Saturday April 27th (results)
  • Saturday June 15th (results)
  • Saturday August 24th
  • Saturday October 19th
  • Saturday December 14th

The series is open to members and the general public. The motivation for the series is to build membership and to have a great time at H2R!

The format will consist of as many runs a person can make during the course of the day between 10:AM and 5:PM. Every other event will be run in the opposite direction. Three cars will be allowed on track at a time, comfortably spaced out for safety. The out lap will serve as the warm-up lap, followed by 3 hot laps and concluded with a cool-down lap. Timing will be done by our GPS based AiM Solos.

With that in mind, one can compete with oneself and/or compete against other drivers in a friendly, "bragging rights" atmosphere.


We will only distinguish between two "classes" of cars:

  • 2 Liters and Under
  • Over 2 Liters OR not naturally aspirated

You "run what ya brung" and have fun trying to get better at your performance.


Eligibility, Cost, Tech, Prize

Eligibility and Cost:
Eligibility and cost are based on a number of things. H2R members can participate at no cost. Non-members will pay a fee of $200.00 per event or can save by buying entrance to the entire series for $1,000.00. The nice thing about the fee(s) is that, in the event a competitor decides to become an H2R member, all fees paid during the course of the year can be applied toward the membership initiation fee. Sign up ASAP since space is limited for maximum track time.

Tech Inspection:
Participating cars will be inspected at the beginning of the series. Of course any additional entries during the course of the series will need to be teched prior to getting on track. The inspection is purely safety oriented. The only solid requirement is that any soft top convertible must have at least one main hoop or factory provided roll over protection. Other than that, if the driver is comfortable and confident in his or her car and it passes the H2R tech inspection, it's good to go.

Tech Inspection Date:

  • Saturday Jan 12 (10AM - 12PM)
  • Saturday Jan 12 (2PM - 4PM)
  • Sunday Jan 27 (10AM - 12PM)
  • Sunday Jan 27 (2PM - 4PM)
  • Friday Mar 15 (2PM - 6PM)
  • Saturday Mar 16 (10AM - 12PM)
  • Saturday Mar 16 (2PM - 4PM)

Grand Prize:
Two prizes will be awarded at the end of the series. At each event, every driver will be able to put his or her name into a box. In December, two names will be drawn and the lucky drivers will be given a membership with all initiation fees waived. The winner will simply need to pay monthly dues to maintain their membership. The more a driver participates, the better his or her chances are of having their name drawn. If a competitor is only in this for the fun or inexpensive track time, and has no interest in becoming an H2R member, they are encouraged not to enter in the drawing. The prize is intended for a prospective member who would really value a waived initiation fee.

Registration / Questions?

Call (512) 667-6250 or contact philipp@harrishillroad.com for details about rules and registration. Rules to be published soon so keep an eye out.

H2R Time Trial Series

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