Motorcycle Riding Experience Like No Other!

Experience the track at your own pace and enjoy hours of riding with NO SESSIONS OR ADDED FEES.

Texas Motorcycle Academy (TMA)

TMA' staff has over 150 years of Professional Road Racing experience. We are honored to operate and manage the motorcycle program at Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) and to bring members an experience like no other. We are here to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

TMA's main goal is to provide a safe controlled riding environment for all skill levels! Our priority is to get riders comfortable and confident on track and away from the unpredictable dangers of public roads. With your H2R Motorcycle Membership, you will enjoy 6-8 track days per month. Most days are close to 6 hours of open track with the freedom to experience the track at your own pace.

One riding group means no waiting around. Come and go when you feel like it. No early mandatory riders meeting.

Introduction to the Track

All new riders at Harris Hill Raceway must take the "Intro to How We Roll" class. Approximately 40 minute class room session and close to 3 hours of track time without the regulars on track for $200. We will have coaches to help the riders on proper road racing form, lines, technique, etiquette, and H2R protocol.

For more information, please contact Craig Gleason 512-644-3420.

Instruction by Appointment

Our current primary instructors are:

  • Andy Robbins
  • Craig Gleason
  • Jesse Smartt
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Rick Delgado
  • James Compton
  • Tim Sandelovic - Instructor/Safety Ambassador
Guest instructors include some super stars like:
  • Danny Eslick
  • Mike (Barney) Barnes
  • Joe Prussiano
  • Shae Fouchek
  • Cory West
We also have some Championship Winning Expert Road Racers to assist with instructions.

Questions? Don't Know a Member?

Want to visit? Please contact Craig Gleason at (512) 644-3420 for details regarding rules and registration.


Intro Class Fee $200 Initiation Fee $600 + Mandatory Intro Class Monthly Dues $250 join h2r


Intro Class Fee $200 Initiation Fee $600 for first family member, $300 for each additional family member + mandatory intro class for each member

Monthly Dues

$250 / first member $150 / each additional member up to 4 family members join h2r

Instruction Fees

Introduction to the Track $50 / H2R members $150 / Non-members Basic Instructions $150 for 2 hours Advanced Instructions Price varies depending on Instructor, type and length of instruction. join h2r