Good Times!! Test Your Car Control Talent

Bring your best car control skills and face a diabolically laid out obsticle course for gearheads.

H2R Gymkhana

Now you're treading water in a whole buncha fun! A coupla times a year H2R creates a coned course that tests your ability in the discipline of car control. We set up a course of diabolical obstacles you have to work your way through to unimaginable gratification [Thinkā€¦ Ken Block]. If you are bent to drifting and stunt maneuvers, we'll stretch you to those limits.

Posted times are irrelevant. Style points mean everything!

You have to see it to believe it and once you've seen it, you'll wanna get behind the wheel for this outrageous, barrel o' monkeys blast. If it ain't fun, we don't want any part of it.

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Feb 28th Jon E.
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